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Arcadia Chandra International Engineering Solutions

In a highly competitive business environment with dwindling resources, it is now more imperative than ever to implement the correct problem-solving strategies in every project a company undertakes. While others may adopt an imprudent attitude towards establishing long term solutions and cost effective methods, such are the fundamental values of Arcadia Chandra International. Accomplishing the impossible while maintaining a strict budget, high quality standards and time efficiency is the very expertise that has allowed ACI to flourish during uncertain economic times.

Scope of Services

  • Value Engineering
  • Value Analysis
  • Value Management
  • Construction Engineering & Project Management
  • Project Development & Funding Arrangement
  • Project Administration
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Appraisal
  • Project Control

Value Engineering

Value Engineering, Value Analysis and Value Management are together a creative, function oriented, systematic and organized team approach to providing optimum value to a project, facility, product, system or service. Often this improvement is focused on cost reduction. However, other improvements such as customer perceived quality and performance are also paramount in the value equation. Value engineering is most successful as a long term strategy. Historically, return on investment has exceeded 10 to 1.

The objective of value engineering study is to identify and remove unnecessary costs from the project, facilities, product or service.

Benefits of Value Engineering

  • Develop alternatives that provide the most cost effective solution.
  • In depth focus on solving problems. Simplify design and product. Isolating design deficiency.
  • Use resources more effectively and improve resource efficiency.
  • Save time, costs, enhance competitive position, and increase profits.
  • Incorporate new technology. Improve quality, reliability and product-ability.
  • Raise market opportunity and sensitivity.
  • Match product/service to market demands.
  • Improve product/service with increased value at reduced overall Life Cycle Costs.
  • Eliminate unnecessary and costly requirements.

Arcadia Chandra International Areas of Expertise

  • Value Engineering for Design and Construction
  • Value Engineering for Industrial Production
  • Value Engineering for Administration and Management
  • Value Engineering Training and Workshop
  • Life Cycle Costing and Value Analysis Studies
  • Productivity Improvement/ Human Resources Development

Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering and Project Management can be defined as Arcadia Chandra International's broad concept of management when construction work is performed by more than one independent specialty contractor. The overall management, coordination and control of the project is performed by ACI's Construction Preparedness Program which integrates Cost Control, Time Control and Value Enhancement Techniques to maximize project value for the project owner and provides the most efficient bridge from design to construction. On such projects, many clients prefer to have the required construction contracts issued in the name of the client with Arcadia Chandra International acting as the agent or client’s representative.

Project Analysis

For each value study undertaken, Arcadia Chandra International's multi-disciplined team experts established a close liaison with the project owner and the designer to ensure that information relating to the subject of study is correct and appropriate, and that the results of the value study are in the owner's best interest. Constant and open communications ensures dramatic savings to the owner.

Management of Value Engineering & Analysis Studies are under the leadership of a Certified Value Specialist (CVS) with extensive expertise. A key to developing a meaningful proposal is to use an experienced multidisciplinary team that was not involved in making the original decisions. This approach brings an objective design enhancement which implements a "Total Quality Control" approach.

When faced with significant legal, financial, or contractual problems, owners invariably seek second opinions before making major decisions. In such cases, the structured and proven V.E. Methodology is reinforced by Arcadia Chandra International with the analysis of Bid-ability and Constructability to form a value enhancement process.

Bid-ability Analysis

The Bid-ability Analysis consists of analyzing the design conflicts and the contract form with the objective of achieving a project delivery with fewer problems at a lower cost. This involves analysis of all Bid Documents including Contracts, Technical Specifications, General Provisions and Drawings to identify all areas of conflict and to check for proper forms of the contract. The results will be clear and concise, thus preventing any ambiguities during the Bid Phase, reducing potential disputes or misinterpretations during the Construction Phase and minimizing the potential for claims due to incomplete, conflicting, or improperly formatted Design Documents.

Constructability Analysis

The primary objective of the Constructability Analysis is to provide the optimum integration of construction knowledge and experience in planning, engineering, procurement and field operations to achieve overall project objectives in the most efficient manner. This involves analysis of the Contract Documents relative to discovering impractical construction elements. Analysis of time, methods and design details are all integrated.

Benefits of Value Enhancement Process

The combination of Value Engineering, Bid-ability Analysis and Constructability Analysis will provide an enhanced program which will most effectively and efficiently bridge the gap between the design and construction phases. The implementation of this dynamic approach will provide tremendous cost savings, minimize conflicts and ensure a smoother project life cycle.

Project Management

A streamlined and organized approach is the trademark of Arcadia Chandra's decades of experience in Project Management. To ensure the ultimate success of clients' projects, a thorough and extensive process is undertaken during the Design Phase, Procurement Phase, Construction Phase and Home Office Management Phase.

The Design Phase

  • Assignment of the appropriate team
  • Review of the project schedule, design and specifications
  • Finalizing the contracting program, design schedule and CPM network
  • Implement the specific Value Engineering program jointly with architects, engineers and client
  • Assist with procuring all required licensing

The Procurement Phase

  • Finalize contractor lists
  • Pre-qualify specialty contractors
  • Prepare bid packages and fair cost estimates
  • Conduct pre-bid and/or bid conferences
  • Review and analysis of bids, recommending awards and issue notice to proceed

The Construction Phase

  • establish the field office; hire the appropriate and necessary team
  • assist in procurement of further licenses and permits
  • manage, coordinate and inspect the work of specialty contractors to ensure proper quality
  • perform computerized schedule, progress and cost control models
  • conduct site meetings periodicall
  • prepare progress payments
  • conduct and perform procedures for change order conditions
  • monitor safety and security programs
  • maintenance of progress and photo recording
  • preparation of input for project control system

Home Office Management

  • maintain project CPM schedule
  • conduct general supervision, maintaining client communications
  • prepare monthly progress reports
  • operate project control system
  • forecast completion costs
  • conduct project administration

Project Consultancy & Development

Arcadia Chandra International has undertaken and completed a vast list of Construction Engineering & Project Management, Value Engineering & Analysis projects. In the area of Engineering Project Consultancy & Project Development, Arcadia Chandra International has primary focuses on the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure- Airport, Port, Toll Roads, Public Transportation & Water Supply
  • Energy & Power Plants
  • Commercial buildings
  • Property & Housing Development
  • Humanitarian Projects
  • Value Added Industries

Investor Funding

Arcadia Chandra International has continued interest in the development and acquisition of infrastructure projects, real estate properties and humanitarian projects. With expertise in Derivative Trading and Project Funding Enhancement Programs, ACI focuses its investments primarily in large-scale assets with values over US $100 million. Along with partners in China and Europe, ACI is expanding presence in the United States as well as emerging nations/regions in Asia. For more information on ACI’s Investment Funding programs, please contact us.