Archadia Chadra

Arcadia Chandra International Engineering & Construction Projects

The firm has completed an extensive list of projects in Southeast Asia and the United States. Below are a few of the engineering and construction disciplines that Arcadia Chandra International has focused on. For prospective clients and partners, a more detailed listing of the firm's projects is available upon request.

Bridge Structures

In the construction of bridges, the design of the substructure is a critical economic factor. Arcadia Chandra International's experience and participation in a Value Engineering study led to the adoption of alternative superstructure-simplified foundations, which substantially reduce construction costs.

Office Buildings & Skyscrapers

The construction work of medium to large sized Office Buildings is performed by a multitude of independent specialty contractors. The overall management, coordination, supervision, schedule and cost control is performed by Arcadia Chandra International as the Construction Management Consultant.

Toll Roads & Highway Flyovers

Design of the structural roadbed and pavement section is not an exact science. There are many variables involved that make it impossible to reduce the problem to exact mathematical formulas which are based entirely on theory. Arcadia Chandra International's participation in Construction Supervision and Value Engineering studies provide the project owner a tremendous savings of time and cost while maintaining quality assurance.

Offshore & Dam Structures

The very high lateral loads created by waves and wind, combined with hydrostatic pressure are major problems in the construction of Offshore and Dam structures. Compounding the problems are variations in loading conditions during the different stages of fabrication, deck transfer, towing, and installation. Foundations, whether of gravity base or pipe type, must provide adequate soil structure interaction. ACI's expertise in Value Engineering provides substantial savings in construction time and costs.


Construction of a hotel involves a multi-disciplined team of experts, consultants and contractors. ACI's extensive experience in Value Engineering & Analysis provides the Owner tremendous time & cost savings, minimizing conflicts and a well coordinated, smooth running project.