Archadia Chadra

Arcadia Chandra International - Board of Directors

Arcadia Chandra International firmly fosters a professional environment of diverse and multi-talented people. Our board members alone represent a multitude of cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and educational expertise. As a people-first company, ACI recognizes its greatest assets- the dedicated, intelligent and experienced team members who each bring a unique set of skills, creativity and wealth of knowledge.

DR. Suriana Chandra, CVS (Certified Value Specialist For Life)
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering and Project Management, Certified Value Specialist
IR. A.J. Kristiadi
Chief Operating Officer
Civil Engineering, Hydraulic & Automatic Remote Control System, Mechanical Design and Chemical Weeds Control, Accounting & Financial Administration
DR. Claudia Chandra
VP Product Development
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Software & Artificial Intelligence, Construction Engineering and Management
Dina Yuen
Chief of Staff
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Business and Financial Management
Professor Keith C. Crandall, Ph. D
Construction Engineering and Project Management

Associate Members

B. E. Limulja
Electrical and Environmental Engineering
Robert H. Mitchell
CVS Certified Value Specialist
Kamal K. Mirchandani
PE Professional Electrical Engineer
Thomas J. Walsh
PE Professional Civil Engineer (Pavement Design)
Marvin Shaver
PE Professional Civil Engineer (Structural Engineer)
IR. Rachmadi Bambang S.
Senior Civil Engineer & Construction Administration
IR. Sunaryo Sumadji
Senior Civil Highway Engineer
IR. Budihardjo S.
Senior Civil Environment Engineer
DR. Hendro Yassin
Senior Civil Geo-technical Engineer
DR. Ing. Harianto
Senior Civil Structural Engineer
DR. Andi Siswanto
Senior Architect, City Planning
DR. B. Chistiananta
Senior Economist in Industry and Finance