Archadia Chadra

Arcadia Chandra International - Leading Civil & Value Engineering Firm


Arcadia Chandra International finds its humble roots in its original and parent company, Chandra & Associates, whose 40+ years of expertise makes it one of Asia and North America's leading engineering and construction firms. Founded by Southeast Asia's "Father of Value Engineering," Dr. Suriana Chandra CVS, Chandra & Associates established itself as a pioneer in Value Engineering, Value Analysis and Value Management in Southeast Asia, before expanding into North America and China.

Through the decades, Chandra & Associates expanded into various industries, eventually branching into subsidiaries as well as forging close relationships with several international entities that share similar corporate ethics and principles. In the new millennium, Arcadia Chandra International was established to further expand on Dr. Chandra's continued successes in the fields of heavy construction projects, including ports, airports, toll road, public transportation, energy & power plants, high-rise buildings such as hotels and offices, industrial buildings and property development housing.

As both investor and consultant, Arcadia Chandra International provides an extensive list of services, including successful implementation of Value Engineering strategies, Construction Engineering expertise and Project Funding in the areas of Real Estate, Technology, Renewable Resources, Transportation, Urban Development and Medicine.


From over 40 years ago, Arcadia Chandra's founder made a lifelong commitment towards ethical business practices, unwavering in his principles of honest leadership. Through changing economic climates and globalization, Arcadia Chandra International and its affiliates have stood firmly behind the practices of caring for both people and the environment.

Through Integrated Investment Services that include Project Funding Arrangement, Professional Construction Engineering & Project Management, Value Engineering & Analysis, Operations and Maintenance for large scale Infrastructure and Humanitarian projects, Private Direct Investments and International Project Funding, Arcadia Chandra International seeks to fuel sustained economic growth. All projects undertaken by the firm are done so with consistent and dedicated efforts towards creating new job opportunities, improving public services, minimizing carbon footprints and establishing housing developments in impoverished regions.

A relentless dedication towards humanitarian aid and eco-friendly decisions are a shared value between Arcadia Chandra’s founder and board members.